On difficulties to write a statistic blog
Jun 11, 2019
Yves Amevoin
3 minute read

When I started this blog six months ago, I thought I would be able to publish one article per week, despite my busy schedule. I knew writing articles would be time consuming but I by far underestimated the effort and time I have to put in order to come up with interesting contents. This article is to give some key advises I learnt from my failure, especially for those who want to start a statistics blog. My purpose is not to talk about how to write articles - I am just at the beginning- but to share my experiences. Here are five little advises I will never forget and keep in mind for the future.

1- I will think less big.

When I started writing, I was so exited about all I can talk about, from Africa politics to my home country recipes; from showing my drawings to sufficient statistics. I thought my blog should be divided in so many parts. But quickly, I realized that talking about so much things need a lot of time that I was really lacking, especially with a Monday to Friday job. I will reduce my wishes in the future.

2- My website is first for me.

Let’s be modest, a little blog is far from all the whole world of internet, and attracting audience and people on articles is not so easy, especially when considering the big number of statistics blogs there are out there. I will keep these in mind for the future: A personal website is for YOU. You keep your thoughts somewhere, you to brand a little bit on you, you share and learn a lot, you work on improving your writing abilities.

3- I won’t loose my time on any cosmetic changes anymore.

Frankly, creating a website has helped me dig a lot on css, tweaking some little aspects, with the hope that this or that color must be suitable, trying every combinations. For those starting a website, you should just pick a theme which has all you need and focus on writing. I have wasted a lot of hours playing with little css aspects, instead of focusing on the contents of my website. And Yihui told me about that

4- I won’t write too much anymore.

I won’t write too much on this point. Everything is on the title.

5- I will manage regular special little times to write.

It is more easy to keep a regular writing habit if we manage and oblige ourselves to write a little every day of the week. This can be done either at the end of the day at work or early in the morning just before getting out of bed. I have realized that only a regular habit can help me write and keep an up to date content. Not a whole day of writing, but some little minutes until I have the desired output.

Thanks for reading!

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