If your future depends on your performance...
Jul 20, 2020
5 minute read

Some people worry about everything. Worry about the future, worry about their jobs, worry about the next opportunity or about their money. Worry about how they can manage time to achieve the highest output if they are under pressure. This post is to discuss how you should feel when you know your future depends on your performances. I decided to write this post mostly because of my internship, and I will come back on the topic with another post.

1- Your future is not in your hands.

This is a kind of weird sentence to read at the beginning because most of the time people hears the opposite out there. Let me start with this anecdote. I remember being at a supermarket with my roommate and wondering about how I can handle my finances to buy the food of the month - It was my turn. And here comes the supermarket checkout. I was so eager to get out and was looking for the shortest waiting queue. But my roommate kindly invited me to one waiting queue, repeating not to worry about that. I was wondering if I could combine the amount on my card and the money in my pocket because I was sure not to be able to afford everything with only the card payment method. There was a guy in front of us. He was listening to everything. He asked us what we are doing in life. My roommate answered: students, just to stop the conversation. He turned around and it was his turn to pay. But surprisingly, he waited for me, added my articles to his articles list and paid everything. It took me some minutes to realize that I was not going to pay something. And the guy took his way gently after I thanked him so much.

We all have these moments when we are pretty sure and confident on something and suddenly everything falls apart just by a tiny little thing. And we also have these moments when we are pretty sure everything is going to collapse and suddenly a tiny little thing changes the whole life. Life is long and full of randomness, and for what I have experienced so far, you should relax. Whatever your bet on the future, take a breath and let it be. You can not control every parameter. Just stop trying to manage everything and live with hope, a lot of hope.

And relax again. :-)

2- Just do what you have to do.

I think the first section should not be misunderstood. Most of bright and lucky people do what they love and like, what is their inner desire. And they succeed in it. I know you are bright; so if you are sure you are doing what you really love, just keep it going. At the opposite you have to do some stuff just to live correctly without any troubles. And also just to be accepted as a member of a society or a community you want to belong to. If you know you have to do these things, and especially if you committed to do them, do them - be sure it is legal OK? I can not recall how much it is cumbersome for me to do administrative tasks. But we live in a world where you can not escape from administration. So, recently I decided to start my day by doing administrative stuffs I have to do. If you commit to a job you don’t like, do it. And start doing it before switching to something you truly appreciate. We learn a lot by doing what we don’t like just because we have to. This is where we reach maturity. You can not control every little aspect of life, but don’t lose control on everything by not doing what you have to do.

3- The key to achieve something is self-discipline.

I remember this interesting video on habits I came across some weeks ago on a BBC Youtube Chanel. I know you don’t have time for the video. Globally you have to train your brain to learn what you should in order to increase your performance at a regular pace -It can be daily, or weekly, but find your way. And the two words regular and train are important. Scientists believe it takes three months of work to achieve high level of any subject. You don’t need to work hard and hard and hard. You just need to train your brain to do at the same hours something that takes you one step closer to your goal. Until it becomes a habit. And the world is full of what could hold you back from training your brain. The key is self-discipline. Every time you want to do something else different from what you should, remember you commit to yourself; and as I said in 2., do it. Either you like it or not. And take a look at the BBC video when you are free, you won’t be disappointed. We become what we repeatedly do.

I wanted to add a fourth section, but my post should not take you more than five minutes of your lifetime. So, keep those three points in mind and see you later.

Relax, do what you have to, and train your brain to achieve the result.

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