Announcing a friend's blog
Feb 10, 2020
Yves Amevoin
1 minute read

I have been quiet for long and this was mainly due to the fact that I decided to take some new steps in life. To be more precise, I was encouraged by some friends and relatives to return back to University and try to get a PhD. This new experience was really full of difficulties - and may be it requires another post -, but I am glad I can now have time to spend on blogging. Leaving a job to get another diploma is a bet on the future even if it is not quite easy. I strongly encourage those who are doubting: it is a rewarding experience, sooner or later.

End of the story. This post is to announce the blog of an old friend and brother I have been with for a couple of years now. I am sure he is one of the greatest statistician I personnally know - at least a future great one - and I am excited he finally convinced himself he should write a blog. I am sure it will be full of contents comparing to mine. He is currently building the site, so may be you will need to be patient… But,

I have the pleasure to introduce the blog of Max.

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