Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read what I have to say. This blog is first about statistics and data visualization with a lot of fun and using my main data analysis tool, the R Software. But don’t be surprise to see some stochastic thoughts about everyday life, personal development and food, although R can’t cook :smile:. Now who am I? My full name is AMEVOIN KOMLAVI YVES. I said a bit about me on the home page of the website, and my vitea goes in details on my cursus and experiences.

Although I don’t have huge projects to present right now, I am a great R enthusiast. I co-founded the R statistical Club and the Informatic Club of my School when I was in grad-class. I was also a previous presenter and an active member of the Dakar R User Group.

A bit more about me…

I can spend a lot of my time reading specific statistic book until I figure out most of the subject I want to learn. I google often enough when I really don’t know what to do - don’t say it to my boss- and I like coding in absolute silence. Sometimes I am guilty of copy paste from StackOverflow -shame on me. I do like sharing my knowledge and learning from others and definitely my passion at long term will be teaching. I really appreciate debugging and finding the bottleneck of problems. So sometimes I can just scratch some webpages to see what puzzles others. I like to try to figure out the problem, but I give rarely answers even if I have them. I hope this blog could remedy to this weakness. My motto that keeps me on feet everyday:

Forgive, Smile, Pray God and Breathe! Live with passion.

Please feel free to email me and let’s keep in touch.

Other stuffs

Interesting links…

Here are some interesting links on the R language and other stuffs:

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