Welcome! I am a Statistician actually -in 2020- pursuing a master in mathematical statistics at University of Rennes 1 in France. Previously, I have been working at Doctor Without Borders in Senegal. I am graduated as Statistician Engineer from National School of Statistics and Economic Analysis (ENSAE-Dakar) after a bachelor in Mathematics in my home country, Togo. I have done my Master’s thesis under the supervision of Dr. Ibnou Dieng on Application of model selection to rice yield gap surveys.

Although I started learning LaTeX a few years ago, I have almost forgotten most of it, because of Rmarkdown. I am a great fan of Yihuie Xie and this site has been born just by reading his books and blog posts frequently. I like drawing, so I can spend several hours drawing on computer using inkscape or just using a paper and a pencil. To not keep my world to statistics, some nights, I give myself long walk across the roads of my neighborhood. Here are some of my posts:

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